Traditional Thai Remedial Massage

Traditional Thai Remedial Massage

  • Lasts 75 minutes
A traditional Thai massage tailored to you to help alleviate specific pain you may be experiencing. The massage is perfect if you suffer from muscular pain or reduced range of movement due to muscular tension.

A bespoke consultation is followed by a focussed massage using deep pressure combined with Thai herbs to alleviate discomfort.
Your therapist will recommend aftercare and a simple movement that you can do at home to enhance your results.

This treatment is designed to help you with existing issues and is not designed as a relaxing massage. Sometimes you may feel a little sore during and after the treatment which is completely normal for this style of massage.

You will be provided with a pair of Thai Pyjamas for this massage.

Not suitable for:
- Pregnancy
- Lymphatic disorders
- Thrombosis
- Undergoing active treatment for cancer
- Covid or flu
- Bone Joint conditions
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Severe varicose veins
- Stroke, recent surgery, lung blood clot or major heart problems within the last 3 months
From £125.00