Men’s Essential Facial 60 mins

Men’s Essential Facial 60 mins

  • Lasts 60 minutes
Designed specifically for men to soothe and calm irritated skin.

This spa facial begins with a thorough cleanse and exfoliation followed by a relaxing facial massage where organic plant oils are then expertly massaged into your skin to reduce inflammation and nourish and ease tension present in the neck and shoulders.

A purifying face mask is then applied to nourish the skin whilst you enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. To complete your treatment a refreshing toner, anti-ageing facial serum, eye serum and face moisturiser are applied.

Suitable for all skin types. For the best possible results from this spa facial, please shave 3-6 hours prior to your treatment.

Not suitable for:

- Contagious skin infections on the face, neck and chest
- Eye infections
- Rosacea
- Men with facial hair
- Nut allergies
From £115.00