• Lasts 60 minutes
An indulgent, revitalising foot treatment to condition and beautify your feet which will leave you feeling like you are walking on air.

The treatment begins by smoothing any rough skin on the feet and exfoliating the foot and lower leg with an invigorating scrub. Your feet are soaked in a relaxing foot bath and gentle vibrations ease stress.

After this, your nails and cuticles are tidied and your feet and lower legs are expertly massaged using a luxurious massage cream which helps ease any tension you may be feeling. This is followed by a nourishing mask made from avocado oil, geranium and aloe vera, and your feet are then gently warmed with heated booties. Your nails are thoroughly cleaned before being painted with your chosen colour which you can take home with you.

Not suitable for:
- Contagious skin and nail infections
- Nail diseases
- Lymphatic disorders

Please Note: Please remove gel polish from your nails before coming in for any nail treatments as we do not hold the correct equipment to do this for you. Please ensure you allow up to 45 minutes for your nails to dry before exposing the nails to water/heat and changing.
From £65.00